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Our core areas include creditworthiness, real estate, IT & art

Company Profile

MLB TRADING specializes as Head of Project Management, Founder and Investor in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Our core areas include creditworthiness, real estate, IT & art. The central problem solving of creditworthiness problems for investment opportunities in various business cases is a central topic here. The focus here is on purchase models of existing companies, advantages, disadvantages, assumption of creditworthiness, refinancing or complex concepts for a steep market entry. MLB TRADING is here to provide advice and has the relevant practical experience. Real estate - with a focus on interior / project management / concepting. The area of ​​​​interest is broad, from own investments, complex conversion concepts, renovation planning, project planning, creative project development, financing issues, interior concepts, advice for furniture shops, investment in digital interior & home staging solutions to complex problem solutions for construction projects of all kinds. We optimize , connect, invest - the focus is on efficiency for all topics defined in property project management. The IT area relies on our in-house IT department Web IT Pro, which covers all services from start-ups to large corporations. We live digitally, implement, realize, design - create innovative, creative digital solutions, promote & invest in innovative startups and constantly expand our own network. The Web IT Pro has established itself as a fully functional link for all our projects and, thanks to constant growth, offers an essential part in the company. We invest and develop our own digital solutions, which we consider technically or conceptually forward-looking. The added value is clearly the foresight between service / business / investment and the practical experience of our international team. The art area includes the core areas of music and art. With our own music label and art label, we represent artists, provide strategic support, advise and efficiently push market entry. Art, Music & NFT as well as associated investment opportunities, as well as optimisations, strategic planning, marketing concepts & creative director activities are efficiently planned, calculated and established. MLB TRADING is the optimizer & investor for all those who are looking for efficient leverage in the areas of creditworthiness, real estate, IT & art.

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